young love / west coast (who cares, who knows)

kc >> big sur >> san francisco >> point reyes >> redwoods >> oregon dunes >> cannon beach >> lake cushman >> seattle >> kc 

highlights & random thoughts from our 1,570 mile adventure on highway 1:

  • we scored a free upgrade on the rental car
  • our carry on was a tent
  • spotted a whale @ McWay Falls (literally my dream)
  • said hello to my ride or die Brandy Melville 
  • fun fact: i could probably be a member of the search & rescue team after how many times i pulled Mackenzie’s atv out of the sand at the dunes  *still laughing about this*
  • favorite meal: donuts for dinner followed by tacos for desert (in Seattle) 
  • i think my hair is still tangled from the San Francisco winds
  • we got growled at by a mysterious wildlife in Point Reyes…fox?…bear?…dog?
  • our hwy1 playlist: LANY & Lord Huron ALL DAY
  • we slept outside more nights than we slept inside (side note: we can pitch a tent in 3 minutes flat ….in the dark)
  • maybe we drove the rental through a river…maybe not “come on! everyone’s doing it!”…..
  • tacos in San Fran were MONEY
  • tacos in Seattle were also MONEY…so money I’ve mentioned them twice now
  • almost got a boyfriend at Lake Cushman….but i think he was more in to my friends ;)
  • i wore 3 pairs of socks to bed & still couldn’t feel my toes 
  • we were late everywhere because we stopped every 5 minutes to make photos (reason why we pitched a tent in the dark)
  • favorite stop: Big Sur….hence the # of photos
  • another fun fact: it’s illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon 
  • my white converse are now the color of sand

I’ve been through the desert
And I’ve been across the sea
I’ve been walking through the mountains
I’ve wandered through the trees

my bank account is empty, but my heart is full…where next?
*looks @ plane tickets for next adventure* 

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